Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year, New Projects

With the new year, my list of projects is growing now that Christmas knitting is behind me. First I washed this blue-faced leicester fleece which I bought in 2008. I've already spun up some of the cleanest parts of this fleece, but decided that the rest was simply too muddy to be spun as it was. So here it is, cleaner and ready to go. It's third in the queue for spinning!

This is my easy evening project for when I get bored with whatever else I'm doing. Last year I made good progress in using up my stash, knitting several pairs of socks from left over 4 ply. So I just have remnants left and decided to use up what's left on these small but perfectly formed crochet granny squares. Self-patterning yarn creates a rather interesting effect!

These are cotton socks - I'm trying to perfect my pattern as cotton works a little differently to wool. I think the feet are a bit wide, so will try a different number of stitches on my next pair. It's dk cotton which I bought cheap a couple of months ago, so these socks cost me £1.20 in total!

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