Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Knitting/Spinning Weekend

At this time of year I like to hibernate with my knitting, and avoid going out. Don't know why, but I'm always the same in December, not very motivated to do anything. This year the weather has been atrocious so I don't have to feel guilty about not getting out in the garden either. So lots of knitting to do - here's a scarf I'm doing for my Other Half, who hasn't got one at the minute. I'm using left over wool from the Lochalsh sweater I knitted for my Mum, it's just a simple garter stitch, nothing fancy.
Christmas Sweater No 4 is progressing well - the chunky yarn knits up quickly and I've already finished the back. It's done in twisted broken rib (Row 1: K1tbl,P1 etc, Row 2: K) and is good for this single ply yarn, adding strength as well as great texture. The wrong side of the fabric is flat, so comfy on the inside of the cardigan.
I finished another skein of Balwen yarn yesterday, so threw it and 7 of its companions into the washing machine for a couple of wool washes to remove dirt and excess lanolin. I now have 16 skeins of this and should finish another skein in the next day or two. It's really lovely yarn, and I am toying with ideas about what I should knit when it's done.

So back to the spinning wheel...

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