Friday, 25 December 2009

Extra Christmas Knitting

A little extra knitting for Christmas - the Helm (pattern's on Ravelry) which, despite checking my tension before I started, ended up way too big. So I threw it in the washing machine and shrank it. A little stretching while wet and - hey presto - a very warm winter hat, just right for the cold weather.

Have a happy Christmas!


  1. I love how your hat turned out. Is that snow I see? When I look at all the things you knit I wonder how many hours a week you are knitting. Thanks for the link to the knitting website. I found just the pattern I wanted and the cozy is now gracing my Old Hall tea pot. I love it. I may even knit something else. Happy New Year.

  2. Well, I have been knitting rather a lot lately. Now I'm back to knitting mostly in the evening while watching TV (instead of in the afternoon too), so my productivity will slow down. But I am quite fast anyway. Good to know you've got the tea cosy you wanted! And yes, that is snow, we've had rather a lot, couldn't get out of the village in the car one day. It's melting now, but more forecast in a couple of weeks!