Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Present No 3

Finally finished this, a sleeveless coat made with Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Aran, using a pattern from the Debbie Bliss Winter 2009 collection.

It was a fairly easy knit, though I had to knit the neck edge twice as the number of stitches the pattern specifies to pick up seems far too few. So I undid it, and did the number I thought best. It looks rather shapeless on the hanger, but better when I tried it on myself. Anyway, it's for a Christmas present and is now safely awaiting Christmas in its bag.

The yarn is lovely but, like all designer yarns, pricey. What was interesting about it is the fact it is single ply. Now single ply has a tendency to twist and misshape, but the broken rib pattern seemed to counteract this tendency, and, together with the weight of it, no twisting resulted. So broken rib would seem to be a good choice for a single ply yarn.

Now I'm knitting a quick scarf for my other half, who is currently scarf-less, and I am starting Christmas Present No 4, a cardigan for my uncle. I'm on the home straight now, and am looking forward to doing some knitting for me, especially want to finish my Sanquhar gloves!


  1. Your coat is gorgeous. Years ago I used to knit, in fact I still have all the baby patterns from 40 years ago but my grandchildren don't seem to wear those kind of things anymore. I am wondering if you have ever knitted a tea cosy. I have 2, the kind with a bobble on the top which are just perfect for my Old Hall tea pot. I always search the markets when I go to the UK but can never find them. Any ideas for a pattern?

  2. Thanks! Patterns for tea cosies are hard to find, for some reason. I haven't knitted one and don't have any patterns, but if you fancy having a go I suggest you join (it's free). I just put tea cosy into the pattern search and it came up with 10 pages of the most amazing patterns. Some you have to pay for, some are free, I'm sure you could find something there!