Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Goodies

Santa brought me a lovely book - Richard Rutt's History of Handknitting, an out of print book which is hard to get and goes for silly prices. This is a lovely clean copy and I am exceedingly grateful for it.
I wandered round a local antiques place today, haven't been in months and found this vintage cotton yarn. A couple of the balls are incomplete, but it's a good heavy cotton in three different shades. One ball shows slight signs of damp marks, but I know from previous experience that this will wash out. So now I'm looking for a project for this yarn.
And finally I got off my needles a long-term (august) project. This bedjacket has driven me insane. It's a ridiculously complicated lace pattern, from a 1940s booklet (see previous post) and my original intention to get it finished by November failed due to the sheer tedium of knitting it. I haven't done the knitted edges and neck, partly due to lack of yarn and partly due to desperation to finish it. Instead I did a simple crochet edge, with paired and spaced trebles around the next. Instead of the traditional ribbon tie, I made a lucet cord with what was left of the yarn and threaded it through. So now I can sit in bed and read on the cold nights to come, in comfort and without swathing myself in a crochet blanket, my current practice, which my Other Half finds highly amusing. It will be easier to turn the page wearing this rather than a blanket!

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