Monday, 2 November 2009

The Shoe Box Method

I'm making an effort to do an hour's spinning every day - I have a lot of Balwen fleece still to get through, before moving on to the Alpaca and Blue Faced Leicester. I plyed another 48 yards this afternoon, using my favourite shoebox. Yes, a shoebox. Most people buy gadgets to hold bobbins when they ply yarn, but I'm the thrifty sort and I read in the Women's Institute Book of Country Crafts that a shoebox makes a good substitute. A couple of odd knitting needles poked through the side of a strong box on which the bobbins are suspended. Easy and cheap.
Following my pledge to use up something in my stash cupboard (this includes lots of fabric) each week, here is this week's effort. Some months ago I knitted a bag out of recycled curtain fabric, but it sheds a bit so I have now added a lining to it. It's made out of left-over curtain lining and is now home to my sanquhar glove knitting - have started the second glove this weekend.


  1. Hey,

    the shoebox-method is really cool too.
    You are someone improving, like me?

    You wrote good german, and thank you for your comment on my blog.

    Greetings from Germany