Sunday, 4 October 2009

Unusual knitting

This morning I finally got around to putting photos away in albums, dating back to 2006. It took me two years to go out and get the photo albums! Anyway, I really wanted to post this - I found it in a church somewhere in Suffolk, I think, in 2007. It was in May, so presumably this is a depiction of the Last Supper placed on a piano in the church for Easter.

I'm not one for novelty knitting, but I couldn't resist taking a picture as it is so clever.
I finally started my first ever Sanquhar project - a pair of gloves in the Duke pattern, from the Scottish Rural Women's Institute. More details on this style of knitting are on the Sanquhar Group on Ravelry, but basically it is a form of knitting indigenous to Sanquhar in Scotland. It really deserves to be better known (I had never heard of it before the group popped up), so our little group is making the effort. There are four patterns available from the Scottish Rural Women's Institute in Edinburgh, and I am knitting the pattern which is the most popular.

I recently switched to knitting Portuguese style (there are videos on YouTube) which is very different to English/continental knitting in that you sling the yarn around your neck and flick it over the stitches with your left thumb. It's less tiring, and creates a more even tension for me. The best thing is that when knitting in the round, the natural stitch is the purl, not the knit, and by purling to create stocking stitch you end up with the right side always on the outside. It does mean that when reading patterns in the round you have to read purl for knit and vice versa.

I thought working two colours in this way would be more complicated than using the throwing technique but actually it's easier - all you have to do is decide to take one colour over the other when changing yarns, and one colour under. That keeps the yarns from tangling, but it definitely goes quicker than changing colours with the throwing technique.

I'm hoping that the yarn for my Mum's Christmas Sweater will arrive this week so I can get started. Not long to christmas now...


  1. Looking good! Nice blog :)



  2. Thanks MrsL, will update later in the week - have been doing lots of therapeutic knitting...