Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sanquhar again

I started my Sanquhar gloves on 2mm (UK14) needles, instead of the 1.5mm (UK16) needles prescribed by the pattern. As I went along I realised that they would turn out too big, so decided to order some 1.5 needles (and some 1.75mm as insurance). If you're in the UK, you can get them from English Yarns. I couldn't find them anywhere else. Very fast delivery too.

So I started the gloves again, keeping the earlier version so I could compare sizes. The 1.5mm is just the right size. You can see the two compared above. I've taken an inch off the width - on the main section of the gloves I calculate the new diameter to be 8.5-8.75 inches instead of the 9.75 in the first version.

My hands are 8 inches in diameter, so allowing for the effect of the thick fabric (with the stranded yarn on the inside) and for some ease, I think these will be just right. You may also notice that the quality of the knitting has improved too - I had problems with too tight/too loose in various places on the first attempt, but I have now mastered the two stranded technique in the portuguese knitting style I recently adopted. So now it's full speed ahead...

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