Sunday, 25 October 2009


Yesterday I finished my first Sanquhar glove. I'm pleased with it, though I think I could do better next time. I still have some difficulties keeping the yarn tension right in a few parts of the pattern. I adjusted the length of the fingers and thumb as it seems my fingers are rather short! I'm going to leave starting the second glove for a little while to get on with other projects.
This morning I did a job which I have wanted to do for three years. I needed a shelf in the hall for winter gloves, scarves, boot socks and hats. Every winter I end up rummaging in coat pockets to find gloves and hats, instead of having them to hand. The shelf in question has been sitting in the loft for ten years, awaiting a use. Of course, living in a 180-year old house means that none of the walls are flat so the shelf has a slight lean forwards, but I'm glad to have this done finally.
By nature I am a hoarder (much to the frustration of my mother when I was young), so I never throw anything away unless it is completely unusable. Eighteen months ago I put a pair of trousers away in my stash cupboard as they were no longer wearable and today I finally found a use for them. They have now been resurrected as a cover for a draught excluder which keeps the cold air out of the living room on windy nights. I joined two legs together , took up the slack material on the back, sewed together the ends and hey presto! a pretty draught excluder.

My resolution for this winter is to make something each week with an item from my cupboard. Let's see how long I can keep it up!

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