Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sock progress

I haven't had a huge amount of time for knitting this week as it is a busy time for work. But I have managed to finish this sock - a knee sock using some left over yarn. It's shaped by using different needle sizes, which I think (having done both methods) is better than actual shaping in the knitting.
It has a butterfly pattern which I have never seen before, but which is pretty easy and also performs a function, preventing excessive stretching of the fabric.
My other sock project is doing ok, but I think I may be short of handspun to finish them. So I stopped at the toe on this sock - have started the second and then I will need to find some yarn from my stash to finish them off. This is a sock on two needles with a lace pattern, a bit complicated to knit as it is non-repeating, but I've never done a sock on two needles with a short-row heel, so it has been interesting. These socks are destined to be worn with a pair of boots which are rather big.

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